Let There Be Such A Place…

Let where I live be such a place;

Green and blue as far as the eye can reach

Butterflies too, in rainbow colors

Let my body not become heavy for me,

Let me not drag it along with me.

Let me be a guest for a while

To whatever I like

Let me move

Sometimes inside a tree, inside a rabbit

Or inside a man.

Oh what a beautiful world

No rents, no contracts.

Let love again be our glue

Life’s joy, my mother’s tenderness

Let children be all of our’s

Our buildings made of magic stone

Which shines by itself.

Let Vivaldi play, or Shopen

Let verses drop from soft clouds

Wash our souls like rain

Let flowers burst from inside of us

Let us communicate

by touching, smelling and kissing

Let our colors reach before us

To where we are going.

Colorful fruits on trees

Lets just do things that we want to do

Watch approaching stars

Go to Jupiter on our yearly holiday

Let time had slowed down so much

that we don’t notice what gets older

Lets start fires in the garden and lets make love

Let our stomachs shrink for food

Fruits become enough, never consumed

on their branches.

Let us never again have to put aside.

Lets be all ears

to our wise, discuss gently

touch our souls

As it is the most precious jewel.

Lets taste the taste of being united

Our goal be giving.

Lets become wanderers to be able to give more

Find places in the Universe which are in need

With laughters and tweets

Lets life be elongated to eternity

The feeling of giving oneself

Be an excited and serene orgasm.

Sibel Atasoy


Çeviri: Ersin Koç


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