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22 Ağustos 2013

Aşağıddaki Nirahiri, yani nirahara samyama programına katılan kişi, tanımları Castaneda’nın Savaşçı tanımlamalarını çok andırıyor:)


Nirahara Samyama means to explore and discover your body’s possibilities without having any external input like food or water .Your body is the miniature of the Cosmos, with all possible intelligence in it. If a fish can swim, you can swim, if a bird can fly, you can fly. Food is emotional. When you try to liberate from food and the patterns created by food, first thing will happen to you is – those unnecessary sentiments, emotions associated with food will break. So the reasonless excitement, a kind of subtle joy, will be constantly happening in your system.It is not just an extraordinary power, it is getting into a new Consciousness.When you are free from the patterns of food, such new Consciousness will be awakened. Welcome to the BFoodFree world of NITHYANANDA’S NIRAHARIS . The following will guide you with Nirahara samyama L1 L2 L3:

1. First instruction in Nirahara Samyama is ,you do not control your hunger or thirst by your will power. In this whole process if your ‘will’ comes inside, it will replace food. You will not be successful in your ‘Niraharatva’ (the truth of being food free). If you try to control by will, then instead of conquering food pattern, you will create one more pattern of trying to control through ‘will’, which is not good.

2. Consume Thin liquids .During Nirahara Samyama, please ensure you are consuming only thin diluted liquids. Juice, soups, butter milk, milk.

3. Keep the tummy full to bursting point each time. The thin liquids are designed to help keep your tummy full. Keep a bottle with you and sip through out the day. This is important since the tummy has the tendency to produce mild ulcers and keeping the tummy filled will keep it cool. Practice this rule even if you feel full with energy and do not feel the need to consume liquids.

4. Don’t run after taste! Don’t try to add extra jaggery syrup or pickle to make your drinks more palatable. Nirahara is a process that will take you beyond taste so don’t listen to the demands of your tongue. If you are making your own drinks, stick to diluted versions of the following : orange juice, butter milk, milk, watermelon juice, clear soups. Don’t run after exotic recipies.

5. Understand you are not drinking for nutrition. Your only nutrition during Nirahara processes is “prana” the life force energy. So don’t get in the mode of thinking you will get vitamin c from orange juice etc. You will not need any of it. Your liquids are only to keep your body free from body heat at the initial stage.

6. If possible do Enema twice a day to keep the body clean and cool. Enema is the best method to keep your GI tract healthy and ulcer free. Enema should be only done with cool clean, plain water.

7. Keep the eyes cool and free from dryness that usually builds with body heat by washing your eyes with the eye cups twice a day. If you don’t have one , try to get them from a health store or online. Or atleast wash your eyes with cool clean water.

8. Clear your airways .You can choose to do the nose wash with the nethi pot and slightly salted water upto two times a day. This will clear you airways and make your breathing deeper and thus your Prana intake will be higher.

9. For immediate cool down do the Sheethali pranayama. Stick out your tongue roll it like a tube and inhale through it ,close your mouth and exhale through the nose.Do it atleast 11 times.

10. Consume Haritaki powder, 1 tablespoon at night before you sleep. Haritaki is a mild laxative and is amazing in keeping your Gastrointestinal tract clean and ulcer free. It also helps increase oxygen in the blood.

11. Do completions with food . Do completions with certain food items that you think have power over you. Nirahara should feel effortless .

12. Have a Nirahari buddy/mitra! Sometimes we need someone to help us remain motivated and on track. Have a fellow Nirahari as a buddy so you can reach out to him or her and voice the issues you are facing.

13. The Master says the ultimate pranayama is to take a deep breath – so deep ur inhalation should be felt till your knees. Hold – exhale slowly-Hold and again repeat the process 11 times. This is the ultimate pranyama and will help support your nirahara samyama process.

14. Watch the daily Satsang to practice the Banyan tree meditation and kriya for Nirahara without fail. Ensure you participate in the live program if you are doing the Nirahara samyama. Please don’t try to practice the meditation from recorded relays.

15. Nirahara processes will constantly burn you with the fire of Authenticity, Integrity, Responsibility and Enriching . Use this to burn your patterns. Constantly look in and seek to complete with the patterns that come up to the surface during the Nirahara Samyama . You can reach out to people trained by Paramahamsa Nithyananda to help you address your patterns @+918027279999, Bidadi, Bangalore.

16. Nirahara processes are designed to naturally keep you at high levels of energy without food. If you ever feel hungry or tired you have to break the samyama and eat.

17. Do atleast 12 Surya Namaskaras every morning. You can do upto 45 minutes of yoga everyday. The more work you do, the more energy you will have.

18. On the days you have been instructed to eat by Swamiji, please ensure you DO EAT. Do not skip meals during that period even if you do not feel like eating.

19. You will see your tongue develops a white milky residue on the surface. It will make your mouth stink. Please clean the tongue atleast twice a day and focus on keeping the tummy cool with the above mentioned tips. The cooler your tummy, the less will your mouth smell.

Sri Nithyananda Swamiji

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